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“Helpful Hints for Serious Souls” – Bishop T.D. Jakes

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Love Hangover provides a road map for recovery for those who seek genuine and long-lasting emotional healing after a romantic relationship has ended. Scientists define a hangover as the body's reaction to an excess of toxins in the system. It takes time for the body to cleanse itself. In a similar way, once a relationship ends, it takes time for "toxins" such as the burden of shame, the irrationality of anger, and the sting of rejection to leave the emotional system.

Shewanda Riley and Germaine Hawkins help the reader recover from one of the most common human emotional traumas--a broken heart. This book is not about rebuilding a relationship with an "ex," it is about rebuilding a relationship with God through the process of recovery.

Shewanda Riley, M.A., is a Dallas-based writer who shares her poignant journey from romantic heartbreak to emotional and spiritual wholeness. She is a contributor for the Women of Color Study Bible (Nia Publishing, 1999) and college English Professor.
Germaine Hawkins, M.D., is a Fort Worth-based physician who offers provocative and thought-provoking perspectives on human behavior and male-female relationships. He contributes a clinical viewpoint based on his experiences working with his patients.

Since its release in February 2003, Love Hangover has been featured in JET magazine and  named an Essence Magazine best-seller.  Its authors have been featured on ABC Radio Networks, USA Radio Networks,  and The Potter’s Touch TV Show hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Love Hangover has been endorsed by Bishop T.D. Jakes, motivational speaker Les Brown,  national radio talk show host Stephen Arterburn, and best selling authors Thelma Wells and Dr. Sheron Patterson.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Love Hangover." I highly recommend this book not only to those who have experienced a tumultuous break up, but also to Christian singles who are looking to venture down relationship lane. Although I was not going through a bad break up, I was able to relate to many of the feelings, situations, and dilemmas expressed by the authors. "Love Hangover" offers insightful scriptures geared towards opening the readers eyes to qualities and characteristics that should be evident in a healthy Christian relationship.
- Tishena, Delaware
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